Welcome to Go Solar NH. We are the New Hampshire premier provider of solar energy products, services, and solar panel installations. Harness the power of the sun’s rays and put them to good use – providing electrical energy needs to your home or business.

If you’re ready to go solar in NH, or if you have questions about solar power technology and how it benefits you and the world around you, we’re here provide you with any information you need.

Why Solar

Going solar in NH, MA & Maine is one of the most beneficial investments one can make for their residential or commercial property. Implementing solar power provides clean, affordable energy that will last more than a lifetime.

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In need of a professional commercial or residential electrical contractor in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Maine? Meet GSNH Elecric.

More Affordable Than Ever

Solar panel technology is at its most robust peak to date and its cost is at an all-time low. When you combine federal and local incentives with aggressive financing options, going solar in NH, MA and Maine is more attainable than ever.

How It Works

Solar panels are made up of individual solar cells called photovoltaic cells or PV cells. These are similar to the PV cells you’ve seen at work in solar powered calculators, yard lights, and radios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know with solar comes a lot of questions so we compiled some of the question we most commonly here for you on our FAQ page

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