We Are GoSolar

With years of solar installation in New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts, Vermont, and Southern Maine, Go Solar NE is your best, friendliest choice to help you find the right solar plan for your home.

Conveniently located in Barrington, New Hampshire, Go Solar NE is a mere hop, skip, and a jump away from your home or business. We’re happy to set up a site review to educate how solar energy can meet your usage goals.

We pride ourselves on our work, and take the time to listen to our customers concerns. If solar energy conversion is something you’re considering, we’ll take a look at your current energy consumption use (averages), discuss what you foresee in the future (perhaps you’re thinking about ditching fossil fuels all together and are implementing mini-split heat pumps) that may have an affect your energy needs, and implement a solar panel solution for you customized to fit your exact requirements.


Jake Ottolini

Wanting a change from the everyday corporate world Jake found himself fascinated with the growth of the solar energy industry. Doing something different and good for the environment made solar an easy decision.

With two young boys and a wife of 7 years Jake enjoys helping home owners GoSolar because every home producing clean energy is creating a healthier future for his family.


Brian Pare

With over a decade of experience as a master electrician in commercial focused electrical work Brian has shifted his focus to solar energy. “Being a teacher to the next generation of electricians in New Hampshire and safety instructor I have seen electrical career opportunities shift towards solar”. Managing multiple crews for local solar installations on over 200 homes and businesses, Brian has seen great success in customer service and managing each project to meet the customers expectations.

“Just wanted to share how easy it was to do something I wanted to do for a long time but thought it was too hard, too expensive and too complicated. I went solar and I love it. The process was so much easier than I thought it would be. I got low interest loans and rebates that allowed me to pay the same each month for my electric bill as I have paid for years while I pay off the investment in clean energy. I went with a company called Go Solar NE and loved every step of the process with them. They led me through every piece of the complicated puzzle and the results were stellar.

I just want to encourage my neighbors to look into it. I had so many surprising benefits… Not the least of which is that the sun turns on my lights and it cost me nothing extra! And I’m sending a little extra back to the grid. I love that.”

Rebecca Cole

Sean Carlson

Senior Solar Consultant.



Scot Johnson

Solar Consultant



Erik Pickhardt

Lead Designer / Solar Consultant


Zach Haithcock

Project Administrator