Powered by the Sun: Customer Conversation with Tom McWilliams

McWilliamsClient Success Story

Name: Thomas McWilliams
Location: Deer Meadow Road, Webster, NH

GoSolar NH: Tell us a bit about how you “got in” to solar?

McWilliams: Solar Consultant, Scot Johnson called and offered to give us an analysis of our energy needs and how GoSolar could help us save money by generating our own electricity. We were interested and agreed to the consult.

GoSolar NH: What was your initial inclination to start looking in to solar power as a solution to your energy needs?

McWilliams: The analysis showed us that we could be energy independent with the credits we would receive from from Eversource. (Read more about “Net Metering” here.)

GoSolar NH: What ultimately led you to decide, “yes, I’m doing this”?

McWilliams: The support from the NH Energy Fund of $2,500 and the tax credits from our Federal return of up to $8,000 made it a fairly easy decision.

GoSolar NH: How did GoSolar NH help you in this process?

McWilliams: Scot guided us at every step of the application and implementation process. He was always available to us if we needed him.

GoSolar NH: Did they answer any questions you had? Did they give you information that you didn’t already have that helped aide you in your decision?

McWilliams: All of our questions were answered, we still stay in touch with Scot and he is a great resource to remind us of exactly what benefits are available to us and how to receive them.

GoSolar NH: Tell us about your project. What did you decide to go with?

McWilliams: GoSolar did the energy needs analysis and recommended the size of the array. The outfitted us with exactly what we needed.

GoSolar NH: When did the process to install your solar array start?

McWilliams: Spring of 2016.

GoSolar NH: When did it end?

McWilliams: Summer of 2016.

GoSolar NH: How was the process from start to finish?

McWilliams: One of the best experiences we have ever had. Our electrical service from the 1960s was upgraded during this process and we feel much more safe and secure with our new electrical wiring.

GoSolar NH: What was your experience like in dealing with the staff of GoSolar?

McWilliams: They are a first-class organization and communicate easily and effectively with us. We have had multiple interactions with electricians, roofers, installers and have been impressed with their overall professional approach to problem-solving.

GoSolar NH: Have you experienced any sort of financial benefits due to the acquisition of your solar array?

McWilliams: Yes, indeed, our last electrical bill from Eversource was $13.06 which is the minimum maintenance fee for the lines that run into our home. Our bills had been averaging close to $150 per month.

GoSolar NH: Any other benefits that may not fall into the “financial” end of things? What’s life like with solar?

McWilliams: Our updated electrical panel is working perfectly. We have a backup automatic propane generator and it works perfectly in concert with our new GoSolar installation. We are so pleased.

GoSolar NH: Would you recommend GoSolar to anybody else thinking about solar energy?

McWilliams: Yes, indeed. Start with the (free) energy audit to show exactly how the savings process works.

GoSolar NH: Anything further you’d like to add?

McWilliams: GoSolar has been one of the best experiences we have had in over 40 years of home ownership! Thank you so much!

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