Powered by the Sun: Customer Conversation with Ryan Dann

Client Success Story

Name: Ryan Dann
Location: Candia, NH

solar energy installation nhGoSolar NH: Tell us a bit about how you “got in” to solar?

Dann: Our town had a program called “Solar Up” which got everyone in town that wanted solar a better rate so that, along with the federal credits, got me shopping.

GoSolar NH: What was your initial inclination to start looking in to it as a solution to your energy needs?

Dann: To ultimately save money after a few years.

GoSolar NH: What ultimately led you to decide, “Yes, I’m doing this”?

Dann: Once I worked out how long the break even point was.

GoSolar NH: How did GoSolar NH help you in this process?

Dann: They did all the math and gave me a great price!

GoSolar NH: How did you learn of GoSolar? How/when did you get in contact?

Dann: I have known Scot (Johnson) for years through a family member. When he started with GoSolar I contacted him thru Facebook.

GoSolar NH: Did they answer any questions you had? Did they give you information that you didn’t already have that helped aide you in your decision?

Dann: They were very helpful and answered all my questions.

GoSolar NH: Tell us about your project. What did you decide to go with (how big of an array, etc.)?

Dann: Roof mounted, 24 panel solar array. I liked this because arrays from other companies were 30 panels and the bottom row was mounted lower on the roof therefore would stop producing sooner later in the day

GoSolar NH: When did the process to install your solar array start?

Dann: June 6th, 2016.

GoSolar NH: When did it end?

Dann: On June 7th the install was done. The system was fully operational by June 23rd.

GoSolar NH: How was the process from start to finish?

Dann: Very easy. I wrote two checks!

GoSolar NH: What was your experience like in dealing with the staff of GoSolar?

Dann: GoSolar’s staff were very polite and professional.

GoSolar NH: Have you experienced any sort of financial benefits due to the acquisition of your solar array?

Dann: I just got my first bill, only paying for the connection fee.

GoSolar NH: Any other benefits that may not fall into the “financial” end of things? What’s life like with solar?

Dann: Honestly, I am not a huge “green” person, I drive trucks, suvs, and all of my recreational vehicles are gas powered. So while I can appreciate my reduction of non renewable resources my real reason for solar was the green in my pocket!

GoSolar NH: Would you recommend GoSolar to anybody else thinking about solar energy?

Dann: Yes, I even asked for a sign for in front of my house. Scot and the whole Gosolar team were great to work with!

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