Myth Busting with GoSolar NH

Myth Busting with GoSolar NH

We get a lot of questions each and every day when it comes to consumers wanting to learn more about what it takes to convert to solar power energy through the installation of a solar panel array. A fair amount of those questions are prefaced with preconceived information that often times is very much false. Below we’ve outlined five such myths that are fairly common lines of conversation that need to be corrected when considering going solar for your residential or commercial property.

Myth: It’s not safe to install solar panels because they will damage my roof.

Fact: The solar panel cells that makeup the entirety of your array are use modern materials perfected in labs to ensure a minimally invasive installation. Sure, holes need to be drilled into a roof to attach solar panels, but your roof is protected from any sort of detrimental damage. We at GoSolar NH follow industry best practices, and use only the highest quality flashing mounts to waterproof roof penetrations. And, if you’re still uneasy about the whole “drilling into the roof” thing, there are ground-mounted systems as well. So, if that offers greater peace-of-mind, it’s available, and we’ll gladly discuss all of your options with you at length.

Myth: Solar panels are loud and will drive me crazy.

Fact: False. Truth is, you’ll hardly even know they’re there (unless you spend your days just looking at them) Solar panels have no moving pieces or parts, rendering them virtually silent. The inverter will sometimes make a humming noise, but most inverters installed these days are too quiet to hear even if you’re standing right above them. At night, when solar energy is not being produced, the only sound you’ll hear is the owl in the woods. And maybe some snoring (but that’s not on us…)

Myth: Solar panels don’t work well in cold climates.

Fact: Does the sun shine in the wintertime? Sure, the days are shorter, but generating solar power has absolutely nothing to do with temperature. It has everything to do with the penetrative powers of the sun’s UV rays. Thus, if the sun is shining (which it does in the wintertime), your solar panel array is producing energy. Solar panels are built to withstand varying temperatures such as the extreme warmth of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter, and they can produce electricity from indirect light, so in terms of winter climates, those UV rays bouncing off of the snow might actually wind up as added production for you.

Myth: Solar panels are incredibly expensive.

Fact: Cheeseburgers are also expensive depending on how you look at it. Reality is, in 2017, solar panels are much cheaper to install than they have ever been. The technology has improved, and manufacturing is not as costly as it was when solar power conversation and technology was in its more infant stage. And, quite frankly, the benefits outweigh the costs: you can literally wipe out your electric bill. You are subject to generous state and federal rebates. You add a serious amount of value to your property. And finally, in New Hampshire, if you act soon you’re able to lock in the net metering benefit that is grandfathered in until 2040 which literally means you can potentially accrue income from your solar panel array. After you bought and ate the cheeseburger, what did it do for you?

Myth: Solar panels require an added frequent maintenance expense.

Fact: Earlier we mentioned that solar panel technology is really at an all-time high right now. Studies have shown that solar panel systems can last an average of 25-30 years – some even lasting over 40. Our panels come with a 25-year warranty, so, really, you’re covered. If manufacturers didn’t believe in their product, they wouldn’t offer such a long-standing warranty, right? Here’s the thing, if you’re interested in solar power to fulfill your energy consumption needs (and the prospect of actually generating a bit of revenue on top), now’s the best time to get engaged. Reach out to us today and we’ll gladly answer any questions you might have and assess your home or business to see if solar is the best solution for you.

Unsure if something you’ve heard about solar power installation is true or false? Give us a shout. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.