New Hampshire Solar Future

Solar Companies in New Hampshire Excited About the Present, Excited About the Future

Jobs, Investment Opportunities, and Earth Saving Technology Drive Solar Industry Boom

Currently there are 76 solar companies in the state of New Hampshire – according to statistics recently published by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Of those 76 solar companies we at GoSolar NH are proud to be 1 of 33 solar installer / project developers in the state. Beyond that there are 25 manufacturers, and 28 companies classified as “others.”

Why is this important? Well, to us, there is nothing more important than the service we provide in converting residential and commercial properties throughout the Granite State to solar powered entities – utilizing the power of the sun to offset energy consumption needs. As it stands, New Hampshire ranks 33rd in the nation in solar panel adoption rates (down from 27th as was seen in reports drawn up in 2016). These numbers will continue to grow. Along with them, job rates in the solar industry will grow as well. How do we know this? Well, according to the National Solar Jobs Census, which was released just a couple of weeks ago, the solar industry grew 17 times faster than the rest of the economy in 2016.

The industry is on an upward trend, and as far as solar companies in New Hampshire, GoSolar NH is on the frontline of employing the industries best – people who are not only great at their installation and consultation tasks, but also great at communicating and customer service. We’re in the business of changing the power generating landscape of New Hampshire. We do it with an astute knowledge, and with a smile on our face. Because not only is solar installation good for our business (it’s literally an inherent piece of our company name), it’s good for the planet. If we don’t all take a more active role in doing what’s best for the environment, we as a species will no longer inhabit this world. That’s not us preaching. It’s science. And yes, science is real.

As we were saying… overall, the Solar Jobs Census referenced above found there were 260,077 solar workers employed throughout the country in 2016. That’s a proven increase of at least 20% growth per year for the past four years. In a nutshell, solar industry employment has nearly tripled since the first National Solar Jobs Census was released in 2010. Of the top states that have added the most solar jobs, Massachusetts was in the top five. While New Hampshire still has a ways to go, we’re motivated by the fact that our neighbor to the south is in the TOP FIVE in the country. What that means to us is that the Northeast can no longer be pooled into the group of New England “naysayers” of the past.

The reliable, blue-collar job of the future isn’t going to likely be in the common blue-collar jobs of the past (and present), found in manufacturing, coal or oil, but in solar and green energy storage, which is swiftly outpacing growth in other industries. Solar technology works. The numbers prove it. Look at the staggering statistics in that article linked in the last sentence: It took 40 years to hit 1,000,000 total solar installations in the United States (a landmark achieved in late 2015). As of right now, we’re scheduled to hit 2,000,000 by the summer of 2018. Absolutely astounding.

For you, the consumer, solar panel technology is at an all-time high, while the price of your investment had declined 64% over the past 5 years. That’s good for everyone involved, us solar companies included.

Get onboard with a trend that actually matters. Eliminate your utility bills, save a piece of the earth, take advantage of the potential income generating benefits, get in for the sustainability aspect… no matter the angle, there’s no reason not to get involved with solar power production today. We invite you to look into any of the fine solar companies representing the industry here in New Hampshire. When you’re done, give us a call at GoSolar NH. We’re in this for you. We’re in this for the long haul. Go Solar today for a brighter tomorrow.