Go Solar NH

Proud to be on the Short List of AllEarth Solar Vendors and Install Professionals Here in New Hampshire

We’re so pleased to be one of only a few select vendors offering AllEarth Solar products here in the Granite State. It’s an honor to have been granted the privilege to be one of the solar companies in New Hampshire to be welcomed into the AllEarth Solar family and we do not take the opportunity for granted.

The AllEarth Solar Tracker is an ideal all-axis solution for your home or small commercial jobs as well. If you’re in the market for solar solution that draws the most daily exposure made available from the sun’s UV rays, this is the ticket.

  • High-end
  • High-efficiency
  • Highly durable
  • American made

After being chosen to be a retail supplier of AllEarth Solar’s products we also submitted ourselves to the process of becoming certified installation professionals of the systems, making us one in the small pool of sellers that can also over certified service capabilities as well.

AllEarth Solar products are fully designed, tested, and engineered in Vermont. So, for us at GoSolar NH, we’re falling in line with a big piece of our “keeping it local” business mantra. Being able to offer these systems here in our home base of New Hampshire – systems constructed in our direct neighboring state – is a beautiful thing.

Here is some key traits found within this wonderful solar producing technology:

Maximum energy production

  • A complete grid-tied, ground-mount solar solution.
  • 360° of dual-axis tracking yields up to 45% more energy than a fixed roof system.
  • Capture all of the day’s solar potential, year-round.

Smart technology

  • Sophisticated communication controls to monitor performance and environmental factors.
  • GPS technology for automatic calibration and consistent angling towards the sun.
  • 120-mph wind rating and snow, wind, and cold modes keep your tracker safe from the elements.

Quality and durability

  • A rugged hydraulic system for long-lasting durability and performance.
  • Industry-leading 10-year parts warranty, 25-year design life, and rigorous lifecycle testing.
  • Simple system design with a limited number of robust parts that require minimal service over time.

For more information on these solar tracking systems, click on either of the following product sets for full details.

The S20/A24 Tracker System

The L20 Tracker System

If you have any questions about converting your energy consumption needs to a solar based system, we’ll answer anything you’ve got, and let you know if your residential or commercial property is “a candidate” for such a conversion. There are many different options, and we can walk you through each and every one of the possibilities if and when you’re ready to learn more.

AllEarth Solar makes the claim that they believe in renewable energy for all, and, quite frankly, so do we.

Go Solar today for a brighter tomorrow!