Go Solar NH Expands to Vermont

Go Solar NH Expands to Vermont! Hello Green Mountain State!

Shiny (sunny) happy people! We’re expanding YET again. We’ve officially open our newest location in Bradford, Vermont at 228 Industrial Drive! Stop in and say hello if you feel so inclined. We’d LOVE to meet you.

We couldn’t be more ecstatic to expand our service offerings to our neighboring state, and the home of AllEarth Renewable Trackers – one of our most exciting partnerships here in New Hampshire.

So, Green Mountain State, what are the benefits of going solar and teaming up with us at Go Solar? We’re glad you asked. Here’s the general overview:

Environment (Because “green” is more than just the color of cost savings, right?)

  • Solar provides clean, sustainable energy with virtually zero carbon emissions.
  • In terms of the physical solar panel array system, there are no moving parts, which equals no noise, and very little (to no) maintenance.
  • The most abundant resource on the planet is the sun. Why not take advantage of it?

Economics (Because yes, green matters.)

  • Going solar is a safe Investment
    • Protects you against increases in typical utility provided energy costs over time.
    • An increase in kWh cost (of your entire solar panel array) equals an increase in the overall value of the system (that’s obvious, right?)
  • Adds significant value to your property that is tax exempt.
    • Increases resale value of your property and attracts good, likeminded buyers.
  • Incentives and tax credits
    • There are very strong incentives on both the state and federal level for both home and business solar adaptation. This brings down the total overall cost of your initial investment by more than 30%.

Energy Independence (Because why not make your neighbors green with envy?)

  • Distributed energy production and onsite generation puts your power in your hands (literally).
  • Again, going solar offers protection against (ongoing) increases in energy rates that are distributed by general utility providers.
  • Green power is great power and great power with green benefits feels good. Let’s face it.

To reiterate, we’re looking forward to meeting all of you and spreading our love of green power with the residents and business owners of the Green Mountain State.

Go Solar today for a brighter tomorrow!