Powered by the Sun: Customer Conversation with Kris

Customer Conversation with KrisClient Success Story

Name: Kris
Location: Rochester, NH

GoSolar NH: Tell us a bit about how you “got in” to solar?

Kris: I actually saw the store while I was on a bike ride so I stopped in to ask a few questions. This led to an onsite consultation with Scot Johnson.

GoSolar NH: What was your initial inclination to start looking in to solar power as a solution to your energy needs?

Kris: I was interested in leaving a smaller carbon footprint and the financial commitment/benefit associated with that.

GoSolar NH: What ultimately led you to decide, “Yes, I’m doing this”?

Kris: We always wanted to do it and when we saw that the financing would make it doable for us that’s when we decided to go ahead with the project.

GoSolar NH: How did GoSolar NH help you in this process?

Kris: GoSolar NH was transparent about the financing options and very specific about the timeline they would follow, what would happen, etc. They always answered our phone calls and were very professional and helpful. They followed all of that up with doing everything right and on time.

GoSolar NH: Did they answer any questions you had? Did they give you information that you didn’t already have that helped aide you in your decision?

Kris: They answered all my questions and were very forthcoming with all the information that I requested.

GoSolar NH: Tell us about your project. What did you decide to go with (how big of a solar array did you have installed, etc.)?

Kris: We have 33 solar panels in total. We decided to put on some extra in case we wanted to utilize the extra production to power a heat pump or a tankless electric hot water heater.

GoSolar NH: When did the process to install your solar array start?

Kris: Late Fall 2016.

GoSolar NH: When did it end?

Kris: Dec. 29, 2016.

GoSolar NH: How was the process from start to finish?

Kris: The process was completely painless. GoSolar NH made everything easy to follow and understand.

GoSolar NH: What was your experience like in dealing with the staff of GoSolar?

Kris: Also painless. I enjoyed working with them.

GoSolar NH: Have you experienced any sort of financial benefits due to the acquisition of your solar array?

Kris: Too early to know what the “banked” amount is specifically, but it is looking good. Since production began, most months I am just paying the Eversource distribution fee and paying them nothing for the electricity. The savings goes towards the monthly payments on the loan for the panels.  It all works out well.

GoSolar NH: Any other benefits that may not fall into the “financial” end of things? What’s life like with solar?

Kris: It’s just nice knowing that we are using solar power!  It does not affect our day-to-day one bit.

GoSolar NH: Would you recommend GoSolar to anybody else thinking about solar energy?

Kris: Absolutely.

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