Preparing Yourself for a Power Outage

Did you feel that?

Last night was a doozy. Rain, torrential at times, and the wind whipping through the trees with gusts as high as 70 miles per hour, knocked much of the power out here in our home state of New Hampshire. In fact, as we sit here typing this at noontime, the wind is still raging out there and tapping on our office windows. This is our reality in the North East. We see some of the most beautiful weather in the world, and, on the flipside, some of the worst. Periodic power outages are a conscious part of our four-season existence in this geographic location. While the consensus has long been to “wait it out,” the question needs to be asked: What are you doing to proactively combat power outages at your home or business?

In the GoSolar world, we offer two general modes of protection here. The first is generators. We can help you procure and install the right setup for your unique needs. There’s a generator solution for every sized application.

The other inline mode of thinking would be to implement a battery backup solution to your solar panel array, which allows you to store backup power for moments like this. Most solar arrays are grid-tied and feed power back to your home’s energy provider. When the power goes you, it goes out. You’re still tied to the lines. But with a battery pack you no longer need to rely on that back-and-forth “relationship” and can sit back with zero worry when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

In either capacity, what are the benefits of having a backup power source in place?

You save money. Think about it. If you lose power, you potentially lose your perishable goods such as refrigerated groceries.

You save time. Productivity is lost when the power goes out. That’s the long and short of it. Many homes and businesses rely on devices and computers to operate. When the power goes out, so does the operative systems of these devices (yes, some do have a battery, but as we know, those batteries don’t last for an overly impressive amount of time).

You save peace of mind. I told my five-year-old not to flush the toilet this morning. The look of exasperated bewilderment is not something I’ll ever forget. “What do you mean I can’t flush the toilet? What do you mean I can’t turn the light on? What do you mean we can’t open the fridge?” There’s a lot of “don’t do that’s” that come with a power outage that are otherwise unconscious “luxuries” we typically don’t think about. When the power goes out, we have to think back to more primitive times when the reliance of electricity wasn’t so prominent. Sure it’s fun for a minute, but the minutes seem like an eternity when you long to get back to everyday routines and “the way things are supposed to be.”

Save comfort. A lot of our “comfort” solutions such as our property’s heating and cooling environment are tied into an electrical circuit. If you don’t have a woodstove or a paper fan, you’re pretty much screwed. And, in the case of heating during the colder months, losing your ability to heat your home can have some serious detrimental health consequences.

So, think about it. The answer to these issues isn’t floating in the wind. It’s right here at GoSolar. Give us a call today to set up your free consult to get a “backup” plan in place. And, while we’re at it, we can even help you clear that downed tree blocking you in the driveway… Time to get to work.