New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association’s / Local Energy Solutions Conference Wrap Up

We recently attended New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association’s annual Local Energy Solutions Conference (LES) in our state’s capital, Concord, New Hampshire. The goal of the conference is to shed light on progressive steps forward in sustainable practices while bringing together:

  • State and regional clean energy leaders
  • Policy makers
  • Industry representatives
  • Municipal and school staff
  • Energy committee members
  • Engaged citizens & energy champions

We at GoSolar NE were humbled and equally excited to be in attendance along with some 275+ others listening to the thoughts and work presented by 48 industry moderators and speakers. There were many takeaways, per usual, but we walked away with a great interest in the move towards a fully saturated manufacturing line building out electric vehicles in place of the petroleum based modes of transportation we’ve all known for the entirety of our lives. Sure, the existence of the “smart”, eco-friendly car is not exactly a foreign concept. We’ve all seen them. But the idea that they’ll become commonplace was eye-opening and got us thinking about our role in the transition as a growing solar company moving and shaking to keep up with the constant swell of change in our respective industry.

Here’s what we know: There are many benefits to replacing a car fueled by gas and oil to an electric powered core. Here are a few:

  • Reduce or even eliminate your fuel costs
  • Become energy independent
  • Electric cars are energy efficient
  • Electric cars are high performance and low maintenance
  • Reduce car emissions to help the environment

These are all very good things. To focus on that last bullet for a moment – there are naysayers that argue that the energy used to charge an electric car can have as much as a detriment on one’s carbon footprint as utilizing petroleum products. That’s where we can come in…

As we began to think about our role in this giant step forward, we got to thinking about the electric charging stations that are popping up in more and more locations. As electric cars become more commonplace, there will inevitably be a need to have a docking station in every consumer’s garage, which, also inevitably, will increase the home (or business’) electric consumption (and, simultaneously, the cost of that consumption).

The solution? GoSolar. Fueling your property’s electric needs with energy captured from the sun’s UV rays is as green as it gets. Providing you clean energy production for your home, and, well, your future automobile!

(To be continued…)