Powered by the Sun: Customer Conversation with Bill and Barbara

Client Success Story

Name: Bill and Barbara

Location: Farmington, NE

GoSolar NE: Tell us a bit about how you “got in” to solar?

Bill and Barbara: Our home was built a couple of years ago. At the time, we were interested in going green, and utilizing solar power. We spoke to another company and realized after their site survey and quote that it was too expensive to execute.

In August of 2017, we received an invitation to a GoSolar talk in Alton Bay. After hearing the presentation by Scott, and realizing that those earlier barriers could be removed, it only made sense to go forward.

GoSolar NE: What was your initial inclination to start looking in to it as a solution to your energy needs?

B&B: We both wanted to contribute to Go Green Movement, and do our very small part in protecting our planet!

GoSolar NE: What ultimately led you to decide, “Yes, I’m doing this”?

B&B: Trusting the individuals at GoSolar was our main reason.

GoSolar NE: How did GoSolar NE help you in this process?

B&B: They presented a sound plan that made sense and had answers for all of our questions. It was obvious to us that they weren’t making up answers as they went along.

GoSolar NE: Did they answer any questions you had? Did they give you information that you didn’t already have that helped aide you in your decision?

B&B: Scot, Sean, and AJ were exceptional in answering all questions and definitely were a major part of our decision making. They thoroughly relieved us of any concerns we had, and left us with a positive mindset, going forward.

GoSolar NE: Tell us about your project. What did you decide to go with (how big of an array, etc.)?

B&B: We went with a 9.2-kilowatt system, located on our barn.

GoSolar NE: When did the process to install your solar array start?

B&B: Late August 2017.

GoSolar NE: When did it end?

B&B: Project completed and operational, third week of October 2017.

GoSolar NE: How was the process from start to finish?

B&B: Professional!

GoSolar NE: What was your experience like in dealing with the staff of GoSolar?

B&B: Everyone that we encountered was exceptional. They kept us continually informed at every step, wanting to ensure complete satisfaction.

GoSolar NE: Have you experienced any sort of financial benefits due to the acquisition of your solar array? (Also, what was your average monthly electric bill amount prior to implementing solar technology?)

B&B: We are anticipating a 30% rebate on federal taxes for 2017. Our average monthly electric bill prior to solar installation was about $150. Too early to accurately assess our savings since November and December are so cloudy, not to mention the short days.

GoSolar NE: Any other benefits that may not fall into the “financial” end of things? What’s life like with solar?

B&B: Peace of mind; going green.

GoSolar NE: Would you recommend GoSolar to anybody else thinking about solar energy?

B&B: Absolutely… 100%!

GoSolar NE: Anything further you’d like to add?

B&B: We hope GoSolar continues to grow and remains the quality company that it currently is.

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