Powering You Up When Your Power Goes Down

We’re New Englanders. Therefore, we know what power outages are all about. If you haven’t experienced an outage you’re either incredibly lucky or you’re already armed with a backup source of energy when the lines powering your house go down.

What can you do? There’s the waiting game, but it’s just that – a lot of waiting. Or you can get yourself a generator, which can power a portion – or all – of your coveted residence depending on the output of the machine in use. Giving you peace-of-mind, running water, and remediation of lost expenses such as food (among other things).

How can GoSolar NE help you?

Let’s get you hooked up!

Permanent Install Generators

A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house (think along the lines of an AC unit) and comes on automatically – whether you’re home or away within seconds of the power going down.