Placing the Power in Your Hands

Residential and commercial property owners throughout the Northeast (New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts – heck, around the entire country!) are placing their energy consumption needs in their own hands by converting their property to a grid-tied solar array solution.

The benefits are vast, and the power is strong. Where’s there’s sun, there’s production, and thankfully the sun is abound! Go Solar NE has a wide range of solar energy products to turn your property into an energy producing machine. Create just enough to wipe out your monthly energy bill, or beef up a little bit and sell your overproduction back to the utility provider you once paid out to.

Go Solar today for a brighter tomorrow!

Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels

LG is a trusted name in the world of technology and electronics in general, and, in the world of solar energy they’re the kingpins. State-of-the-art, powerful, and ever popular, LG provides the highest-quality solar panel providing the highest quality solar production. You can’t go wrong with the LG.

Q Cells Solar Panels

Q Cells are a fantastic choice for the more budget conscious consumer looking for a great return on their investment and a major bang for their solar buck. Hanwha Q Cells are innovative, award winning, and look great in any array on any property looking to save on energy costs while doing they’re part to save the environment.


Enphase Inverters

Enphase inverters are our most popular choice for their ease-of-use, ease-of-installation, and for their highly regarded performance. Enphase comes with a slick monitoring system that keep many of our customers checking the app on their phone with as much glee as a teenaged gamer.

Solar Edge Inverters

SolarEdge string inverters are a powerful hardware solution that bolsters any solar array. Smartly designed to communicate with the entirety of the array – including fellow inverters – SolarEdge are built for performance and enable the consumer to get the most out of their solar production.

Roof Mount System

SnapNrack System

The SnapNrack visually appealing, solar module installation system for a residential roof is an effective bonding product that is proven to be the best in class for roof mounted installations. SnapNrack roof mounts are of the highest quality, are of the highest safety grade, and are noted for their ease-of-installation making the job efficient and non-obtrusive.

Energy Storage

Iron Edison Battery

Boasting the line, “the last battery you’ll ever buy,” Iron Edison is an industry leader in the production of refillable alkaline electrolyte batteries that are “nearly indestructible.” In short, they’re perfect for your off grid solar needs.

Trojan Battery Company

Your off grid solution is only as good as the battery you’re storing your generated power in. Trojan Battery Company is revered for it’s top-of-the-line products that are not only optimal for energy needs, but are also 97% recyclable creating a clean, environmentally friendly product.

Ground Mount System

All Earth Tracker

AllEarth Tracker

AllEarth Trackers are the absolute cream of the crop. Sure, they’re priced at a higher cost on paper, but in the field, they deliver on that investment. With 360-degree tracking, the AllEarth Tracker is pulling in power from the sun WHEREVER the sun happens to be. The system has state-of-the-art pivot power, which enables it to get the most solar energy out of each and every day.

PLP Qroundmount System

DPW Ground Mount

The DPW G2 pole and ground mount solution is designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting structure for PV modules on a single row of vertical pipe. Utilizing high-strength welded steel components and corrosion resistant hardware for long-term reliability; the module specific design reduces the number of components and provides for an easier assembly. Featuring nine positive locking tilt angle settings, the DPW G2 solution enables the user to adjust the array for optimal seasonal specific production.

DPW Top of Pole Mount

Much like the ground mount utilizes high-strength welded steel components and corrosion resistant hardware for long term flexibility. Seasonal adjustability for maximizing production is provided by six different tilt-angle settings and is a single person operation.