Powering On, Off Grid

Opting into solar powered energy is hot in today’s marketplace. Homes and businesses alike are installing solar panel arrays at a record pace. That includes us here in the Northeast. The wave started out west, but now Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts – everywhere here in the east – have come around to adopting solar as a serious energy source.

That said, the most frequently asked question we’ve been receiving lately is “how can I set up an off grid solar solution?”

It’s simple really. Off grid solutions are built on the same presence of the systems tied into grid, and, quite honestly, off grid is how the solar industry began to some extent. A simple panel producing enough energy to power a light bulb is how things got started.

Here are seven common off grid options that we’ve packaged together with brief descriptions. But please, don’t think that these are the only routes you can take! If you’re interested in off grid solar panel array solutions, or even if you’re looking for a battery system to prevent power outages with your current, grid-tied solution, we can make just about anything solar related become a reality for you. Give us a call today and we can talk through the endless options.

Seven Basic Options:

This is the system that got the movement going. The short story is this system is for the person that is NOT looking for much. You will safely make and store enough energy to power 4-6 LED bulbs. This system is all DC; no inverted power. Ideal for the true minimalist.

This system is definitely a bump up. Offering the same ability to light as “True Grit,” the bump comes from a Pure Sine inverter/charger. What does that mean? Well to put it simply, you can have limited entertainment! Yes, TV, stereo, a coffee pot, or even the ability to charge your laptop… not all at once though, this is “off grid” remember.

This system will make you feel like you live in the 1930’s! Think about it: running water, indoor facilities… does it get better? You want it you got it; 8-12 LED’s, limited entertainment, and a transfer pump! Ah, the luxury!

Offering the same as “Richman / Poorman,” with the distinguishing factor that enables you the opportunity to opt into 10-year warranties. Most will see the added value in this – offering you peace-of-mind and low maintenance. The best bang for your buck!

This one is the nuts and berries! Built for a small house – you just need to be mindful of the appliances you are using. You even have the ability to incorporate a small fridge into the operation! Feel the need to use the hair dryer after a dip in the lake? By all means, go for it. What you do at camp, stays at camp…

If the castaways had this system, they probably wouldn’t have wanted to be rescued. Built for small house production/usage. What we did here is up the production and storage capabilities. Easily run a fridge AND a washer machine too. How’s that for modern conveniences?

Here it is; everything you’ve been looking for. Building a new house? Don’t ever want an electric bill? With this system, you are your own power company. The questions you may have can be answered with one word… “YES.” Can I use this? YES. Can I have that? YES. Can I have/use this and that? YES/YES. Like the cliché goes, “why say NO, when it feels so good to say YES?

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